Main Bearing Housing

The Bearing housing has been designed to contain an R6Z bearing and allow 1/4 in square section tube (K&S # 155 shown for illustration) to be sandwiched between the two halves. Both identical halves have two opposing M3 tapped threads and two opposing 3mm holes . M3 screws pass through a hole in the first half then the tube and finally locate in the thread of the second half. The bearing will accept the  3/8 x 0.14 (9.53mm x 0.355) brass tubing supplied by K&S Engineering Stock # 135.   

External Universal Joint Assembly

This universal joint is used to allow fixing points that are not possible on standard universal joints.It allows for perpendicular movement simultaneously .(example the neck movement forwards/backwards and side to side  in the youtube video Robot Head)a second servo can be fitted to the moving plain of the first.

Main Bearing Coupling

The Main Bearing Coupling is used in conjunction with the Main Bearing Housing assembly. The flat section may be directly screwed to a GWS S777 6BB Servo Motor and the part  enables the fixing of a 3/8 (9.53mm) shaft by 4xM3 screws( or Grub screws). Please see video clip below for details.

Multipurpose Joint Assembly

Joint Assembly 2OFF Coupling + 1OFF Linkage

Universal linkage

Universal Linkage

Universal joint coupling

Universal joint coupling

Main Bearing Kit
Main Bearing Kit

Main Bearing kit

In this kit you will get.

2 Main Bearing Housings

1 Main Bearing Coupling (with 4 x standard screws)

 and 1 R6Z Bearing.

A frame for the Bearing is not included as it may be constructed / soldered from 1/4 inch brass square section tubing  (KSMetals #155) using a 30mm square internal dimension.See  projects -applications for reference.

The R6Z Bearing will accept 3/8 x 0.14 inch(9.53mm x .366mm) round section brass tubing(KSMetals # 135.) Note a steel centre rod is recommended for heavy duty applications.

Also with (for a limited time and unless under U.K sanctions)  FREE Delivery to U.K, Europe, Asia,  U.S.A & Canada.