Weather Resistant Fully Automatic D.C to 220v A.C Emergency Power Supply.

A Custom designed Fully Automatic Emergency  power supply unit with a Stainless Steel enclosure that will power up when a load is detected on the output socket and power down when the Load is removed.Its internal Lead acid Battery may be charged using the domestic mains supply or from a solar panel or  wind turbine source. External connection to a larger Battery bank is also possible.  

Additional features may also be added such as auto shut off when the battery voltage dips below its safe operating  limit( to prevent over discharge), and auto switch on when the safe terminal voltage has been reached. 

The D.C to A.C inverters on the market today have a current draw even when there is no load on the output. Some have remote controls , and some have load current feedback.  All of these waste power ! As power is precious especialy in a solar charging battery application. I have designed a system that  draws no power until a load is detected on the A.C output . The inverter is switched on either, through a high current relay on the D.C side of the inverter.(Or alternatively  using a small Relay to operate the inverter switch).  When the load is removed and no A.C is drawn the L.D.S open circuits the relay thus powering down the inverter.  This is perfect for use on remote power supplies or lighting circuits when A.C  is not required continuously .

 The IP64 Rated Stainless steel Housing can withstand harsh environments and can thus be very useful as a reliable emergency power supply.  Only high quality components are used in my products and generaly  have a higher temperature and power range than necessary.  (Higher power for de-rating or greater temperature range leads to a longer service life !).   With the addition of a solar  P.V or a small wind turbine, remote power will be available as required. The unit may also be used as a U.P.S (Uninterruptable Power Supply), with the addition of a Mains fed charger.