Stand out from the crowd and get your message across  with this unique animatronic Robot Head !

Stand Alone Animatronic Displays (scroll down for more info & clips)
control unit

The Stand Alone Animatronic Display,  'Robot Head' shown in the image, has all of the features you would expect to find in a modern display device.

It is a completely self contained unit for the instigation and control of  Moving display sequences together with audio playback (using the built in microcontroller).

It will also run directly under the control of a P.C or Tablet device for a more interactive experience. 

Colour ccd cameras in the eyes can be used to provide viewer feedback to visual recognition software, or for EAS (Electronic Article Surveilance). 

Other sensors are easily integrated into the front of the device , such as a PIR Sensor to activate the unit when a person walks past.

When you advertise a product or simply convey information using an animated display the Human eye responds very quickly to movement therefore the moving display will stand out from other advertising media. 

The Robot Head shown above was recently used in a Music Video , where the lips were synced to the robotic voice of the recording artist and the head was bobbing. (I will provide a link when possible ,see Jack Conte Music for release date).

The Robot Head may also be used as a test jig for scientific or educational research. The images are genlocked so have sync pulses in phase with each other , this enables either analog or digital signal processing (dsp) techniques to be applied to the images ,this including 3D images.

  REMEMBER- All specifications can be changed to suit your needs.!  The unit can be rented on a daily basis if required and for £200 a day you get me too !  (NOTE some more complicated sequences may take up to 2 weeks to program so please allow for this extra time.)

Please contact me on 01279 647748 or 01992 618018 (normal hours) or out of hours on 07846587807 to

discuss your requirements , or to arrange a visit  at my workshop in Stansted Mountfitchet.      


(see video clips below)

Display Example

Display Example 2

Robot head grooving prototype

Original Robot Head(First animatronic head prototype)

Towards the end of this clip the full range of  movements can be seen by using my 16 way servo controller. (The controller output is two wire and can therefore be fed easily into an r.f modulator for remote control applications.)