A2Z Proof of concept Prototypes

In the interest of keeping up with  an ever changing world it is necessary to continualy produce new and innovative products that satisfy the worlds current needs. In this aim A2Z Concepts has produced several unique  proof of concept designs that may help to satisfy the demands of the future. These include the following project prototypes. 

 1: An Automatic d.c to a.c inverter with a special Load detector Switch. 

A fully automatic  d.c to a.c inverter or U.P.S setup that only produces a.c power when a Load is detected on the output, it also shuts down when the load is removed.  There are therefore ZERO losses from  a standby battery pack.   

In an area where a.c power is intermittent or non existent a rechargeable battery pack may be charged from either a renewable energy source i.e Solar PV , a Wind turbine or fed with a mains charger in the case of a U.P.S (Uninterruptable Power Supply). The whole set up is enlosed in a weather proof stainless steel case.