Engineering & Prototyping Service

Prototype Development

My Clients usually come to me with the very beginnings of a concept, often with very little detail. I am able to fill in all of those details. Taking into account many considerations, such as

The Environment , ranging from Vandal/Weather resistance to Recycling, for both durring and after the products lifecycle.  

The Ergonomics and appearance of the product , this may be as simple as a Control Panel Layout but can make a huge difference to the use and saleability.

Enhancements, quite often I am able to add useful functions or enhancements to a design with features that  a client may not  have even considered or  thought possible. 

From the initial feasibility  & technical design aspects I work with my clients,sometimes with trusted third party specialists ,to produce a cost effective prototype ,taking initial concepts and transforming them into pre -production systems. All aspects of the initial design are then reviewed and monitored.

The multidiciplinary range of prototype services cover all aspects of engineering from mechanical, electronics engineering to test and measurement.

Product development time is greatly reduced because of the years designing  a wide variety of products .My  database of schematics and P.C.B artworks means that quite often Modules or Aspects of previous designs can be incorporated into new designs very quickly.  

 All components used in the manufacture of the pre production models are RoHS complient (where possible) and equipment is designed to meet the ever changing materials and E.M.C requirements. ( May be independently tested for certification).