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The design studio & workshop of A2Z Concepts is located in the Picturesque & Historical village of Stansted Mountfitchet ,near Stansted airport,   and  is now situated  at 18A Lower st directly above the MIX wine bar. It  has close working relationships with local businesses such as Braefield precision Engineering and Amberstone technology.  

The company was registered over 15 years ago at the Bassett Business Centre , Hurricane way ,North Weald ,Epping, Essex , CM16 6AA. I still make use of their secretarial services and thus goods and invoices are still sent to this address.     

The nature of my business is predominantly the Design and Manufacture of Retail Security Systems & control panels. These have the reputation for unprecedented reliability and durability and I provide full service and support .

You may also note my keen interest in all things Robotic ,Animatronic and artificially humanoid and much of my time is spent in this evolving field. I also have designed some standardized animatronic/Mechatronic components if anyone is interested in building their own Robots.  

I believe that if you type in 'Robot head' into Google ,(under the videos section) my 'CRAZY ROBOT HEAD' video , after many years is still at the top. There have been many advances since I made this video, such as speech recognition, visual recognition and AI are all in various stages of development.

If you have any interest in the services I can offer please feel free to contact me, preferable by telephone at first , as I will only respond to Email who 's IP address is from a recognizable source.

Kind Regards

Kevin R Felstead (Director ,HND Elect Eng.)



A2Z Concepts has  managed to survive through some  very tough economic times over the last few years but I believe this has made it more prepared for the future.

Over the past 15 years it has  continued to produce high quality and innovative products for the retail sector as well as a pursuit and expansion of some ideas in other fields. These include proof of concept  prototypes  for animatronic/robotic display products. Automatic and weather resistant  emergency power supplies as well as a four phase flat brushless motor concept.  A working solar charging electric bicycle  was  also produced  that was featured on the 'build it solar' website.